Cafe Baghdad

Someday Lounge
January 23, 2012

Hoda's on Belmont
January 24, 2012

Lewis & Clark College
January 25, 2012

Portland State University
January 30, 2012

Adaptation & Stage Direction:
Sacha Reich

Doren Elias, Brian Allard, Aithan Shapira & Shuhe Hawkins

Have Arab Coffee with a Jew
in the New York City of the Middle East.
It's 1928.

What? There were Jews in Iraq?
In the 1920s, Baghdad
was 25% Jewish.

Enveloped in the trappings of a Baghdad inspired café, audiences will be exposed to a collage of stories culled from memoirs, primary sources and poetry that introduce them to a face of a city different from violent and fractured Baghdad encountered on television and in the newspaper today. Step back into 1928, enter a profoundly modern and cosmopolitan city which presents a paradigm of Jewish, Muslim and Christian coexistence often obscured today, but reflective of trends across the Middle East and North Africa at the time.

Available for Touring Performances.

Annotated Bibliography (PDF)
Ethno-Religious Minorities in Iraq (PDF)
Jewish Communities in the Middle East and North Africa (PDF)
Jews of Iraq (PDF)